cedar bridges land/forms
Cedar Bridges Land/Forms is part on an ongoing set of projects called
"One Hundred Bridges", which engage material from spans over the
Mississippi, Minnesota and  Cannon rivers in the USA,  and Fulda,
Seinne, Waal, Danube and Elbe rivers in Europe . The Cedar Bridges
project began in 1996 as part of "Woodsworks", an environmental arts
project. It uses ambient  visual and sound properties of the  Minnesota
Valley National Wildlife Refuge to provide the raw materials for
collaborative interpretations of the natural, cultural and built environments.

Students and guest artists will explore aspects of the site for  sounds and
visual materials. Performances and installations in various settings and
venues are scheduled through 2013.  The next phase in the project is
scheduled in the fall of 2012, and will involve students in Metropolitan
State University's  Program in Experimental Music and Intermedia Arts.
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