The Emeritus Project

studio 677 eXperimental interMedia
Program in Experimental Music and Intermedia Arts
David Means, associate professor of music and intermedia arts
Metropolitan State University

Phased Retirement - 2015-2017
Strange Attractors 28 Festival - Spring, 2015
April 29 - Electronic music with Homer Lambrecht and Steve Goldstein
April 30 - New intermedia collaborations with Tom Kanthak and students          Score and sound design for
"Siegfried", an intermedia installation by David Means
Strange Attractors 29 Festival - Fall, 2015                                                                                                           
Strange Attractors 30 Festival - Spring, 2016
Strange Attractors 23 Festival - Fall, 2016
Artist Residency with Johnny Rodriguez - Spring, 2017                                                Phase II        2011-2017       Sabbatical Projects
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                                                                                       Phase III       2017-               Dark Matter / Forward Observer
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