L'Orfeo: an opera-in-progress
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L'Orfeo examines the classic myth of Orpheus and the
Underground from a number of simultaneous perspectives. Visual
materials are gathered from a variety of sources including rivers
(Mississippi, Minnesota, Fulda, Song Be). and underground
transportation (Paris Metro, the London Tube and the New York
City subway system).  Sounds are sampled and processed from
recordings of Montiverdi, Gluck, and Marcel Camus' film "Black
Orpheus", and combined with visual and theatrical materials into
various performance settings.

The production is set against a 20 monitor video wall with
characters coming in and out of various visual frames of reference.
The project is due for completion in the spring of  201
david means composition projects
Dain Girodat as Orpheus
Marlene Tupy as Eurydice / Chandra
Steve Goldstein as Hades / Cheney