Stone/Arch Solstice

an intermedia performance installation

by David Means and Friends

(612) 813-0935


Celebrate the Sunset

Wednesday, June 21st 8:03 9:03 p.m.

Starting at the north end of the Stone Arch Bridge

Bring a camera and a favorite poem to read.

Staging at Prachna On Main Street

117 S.E. Main Street; dinner at 6:03 pm




Station 1 Spoken Word and Poetry


Station 2 Laptop Sampling and Sequencing


Station 3 Ambient Songs and Improvisations


Station 4 Slide Shows / Movement


Station 5 Drones and Cadences




Score (north mills) (pond) (dam) (locks) (south mills)

Stations: 1 2 3 4 5

spoken sampling & songs & slide drones &

word sequencing improvisations shows cadences