studio 677 eXperimental interMedia
program in experimental music and intermedia arts
metropolitan state university presents

strange attractors festival
Strange Attractors 20
Twentieth Festival of New Music & Intermedia
7 p.m. Fridays: October 30 – December 4, 2009
Fine Arts Studio 677 E. 7th Street
Metropolitan State University


Oct. 30 – Cyrus Pireh and Guitar Heroes
Nov.   6 – Carei Thomas and Walking Through Songs
Nov. 13 – Dixie Treichel with Kris Peck & Friends
Nov. 20 – The New Jon Spayde Show
Dec.   4 – Steve Goldstein with David Means
FFI – (651) 999-5963
Steve Goldstein
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Cyrus Pireh  with
David Means and
Anthony Ptak
Dixie Treichel
Carei Thomas  with
Steve Goldstein and
David Means
"No Lounging in the Smoke"