studio 677 eXperimental interMedia
program in experimental music and intermedia arts
metropolitan state university
strange attractors 21 festival            twenty first festival of experimental intermedia

fridays at 8 pm, april 9-30, 2010
fine arts studio 677 e. seventh street saint paul

april 9         Maureen Koelsch (NYC) choreographer
                   "The Morgan Project"
april 16        Jim Malec - videographer

april 23        Sofia Lorraine with Holly Newsome - installation artists

april 30        Dain Girodat and Friends - poet / musician / filmmaker
               with Razi Ahmed and Waiel Safwat

excerpt from "Cake / Walk", by Dain Girodat and Friends

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sound designs for "The Morgen Project"

                                                                                                                                                     Capstone Installation by Sofia Lorraine