Catalog of Compositions by David Means


– Video Scores and Installation –


Future Perfect (1982)

Video opera in four parts for soprano, dancer, cameraman, three musicians, slide

projections and prerecorded soundtrack. Presented at D.K. Studios by Roulette, Minnesota with funding by the

McKnight Foundation.


In and (Always) Out of Order (1984)

Cablevideo opera in four parts, two locations; co-created with choreographer Georgia Stephens and Videographer Jim Malec for Intermedia Arts Minnesota's "Translations" series; cablecast by Minnesota Cablesystems Southwest.


Out of the Foraging Rain (1984)

Chamber opera in one act (from "The Villagers Project") for dancer, three musicians, live video, slide projections and stereo soundtrack. Presented at "Music From Almost Yesterday" festival, Milwaukee, "New Works/St. Paul", and the Film in the Cities Performance Series.


The Visions of Manley Dobol (1984)

For soloist with media materials; presented at Wall St. Gallery, St. Paul and at the Roulette Performance Series, New York City.


Berliner Andenken (1990)

Wall installation for soloist, optional live electronic sound processing, prerecorded soundtrack, graphic scores and animated stereo video score (10 minutes.)


Fractal Time/Forms (1992)

For mixed chamber ensemble, live sound processing, tapes and video score.


The Sword of Damocles (1998)

Performance installation for one to four players, amplified kinetic score and optional video.

Performance installation


Sentir Paris (2004)

Video opera on the images and sounds of Paris.

Collaboration with Mary Garvie and Marlene Tupy, premiered at Strange Attractors XII Festival, Studio 677 eXperimental interMedia, St. Paul.


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